Muse Mini 4

Muse Mini 4


The ‘Muse’ series is my first series since launching Hannah Myers Fine Art in 2018. The works in this series are inspired by the muses of artists, writers, poets and creatives over history. Some of the works are inspired by the muses in my favorite songs to play while I’m painting, and others are named for well known muses of past and present.

Initially, I intended to name each work after a personal muse in my life; a friend, a sister, mother, family member, but quickly realized that doing so would make it nearly impossible to part with them. My hope is that each piece will inspire and encourage a feeling from viewers, and become its owner’s personal muse.

  • Original

  • 5 x 5 x 1.5 acrylic and oil pastel on wood panel

  • unframed

  • shipping & handling included

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